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Calvin Rainier Kirkburch, PhD, is an acclaimed "internal solutionist" and Founder of My ByProduct, the groundbreaking line of at-home self-care products that recently cracked the Fortune 5,000 list. Aimed at rebalancing the spiritual and physical, My ByProduct harnesses the body’s own resources to heal itself. His groundbreaking products are made-to-order with the client’s own bodily by products, from saliva enemas to fecal supplements, in his trailblazing pursuit of wellness that is as natural and holistic as it is radical. Rainier Kirkburch received his BA from St. Cloud State, and his PhD from St. Cloud State. He has visited Harvard, Yale, and some of the best universities in the country. He currently lives in Toluca Lake, CA with his friends, Marty and Sharon Grousbeck, a married couple he has known for three and a half years. 

Tim Baltz is the mastermind behind Calvin Rainier Kirkburch, PhD.

Internal Solutionist, PhD & Founder of My ByProduct



Damian Torcht-Lazarus is a “Laugh Coach” to high income earners and the author of the international bestseller "Laughing: No Laughing Matter," and the children’s book, “Laugh Like Everyone’s Watching, Because They Are.” Unable to laugh himself, Damien therapeutically guides people to a laugh that not only engages others to laugh with them, making them “laughtractive,” but also fits their look and brand. He lives by the mantra “There’s nothing more sad than a boring laugh.” Inventor of the Laugh Bath, Damien trained in laugh styles by sitting through decades of television tapings. He is a graduate of Taylor Creek Detox.

Matt Hobby is the mastermind behind Damian Torcht-Lazarus.

Laugh Coach



Laura Garten, author of the bestselling book “It’s Not My Fault: A Journey of Self Preservation in Times of Major Life Crises.” Laura is here to give tips on how to overcome life’s greatest obstacles. By focusing less on what you didn’t do right, and more on what others could have done for you, Laura teaches valuable skills in self-fullness. Laura is also a self-proclaimed “couch potato” and loves nothing more than watching sports games and eating candy — when she isn’t hosting her popular support group for Cancer Scare Survivors called “What About Me.”

Sheila Carrasco is the mastermind behind Laura Garten.

Bestselling Author



A former pimp, Truck Watkins is the felon-turned founder of Church of Women Nanny Services, a billion-dollar nonprofit that takes homeless women off the streets and trains them to become nannies for the world’s highest-income families. Hailed as “the Mother Teresa of Skid Row,” Truck is so selfless, he even turned the church he runs his foundation out of into a dormitory so his nannies can live there for free (just as long as they turn all their earnings over to him). Truck handles their finances so all his nannies have to worry about is taking care of kids. It’s good for business for his nannies to call him Daddy. Listen in on his “rags to riches story,” from selling fannies to hooking nannies.

Jordan Black is the mastermind behind Truck Watkins.

Billionaire, Nonprofit CEO,  Former Felon



Beatrice de Leon de Voovoozuela is a Spanish socialite and best friend of Karl Lagerfeld (RIP), who preaches the importance of an "earthy" and "back to basics" way of life in this age where social media is killing us all. It may cost hundreds of millions of dollars to live her lifestyle, but is there really a price for healing one’s soul? She doesn’t just have a spirit animal, she has her actual spirit animals kept as pets, like the Ostrich that runs around her house. Critics attack her philosophies as “way out of touch with the realities of anyone who has not inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from their great grandparents,” but trailblazers like Beatrice understand that if you are truly living your life, it’s impossible to also have time for a job. Listen in on her controversial take on inflammatory topics ranging from Uber to meal delivery services to how you clothe your body.

Cass Bugge is the mastermind behind Beatrice de Leon de Voovoozuela.

Socialite & Lifestyle Curator



Evangeline Falcoon is a world-renowned Coffee Liaisonné. Audiovisually experience her meticulous morning coffee routine preparing her infamous “Reserve Roast Rare Indulgence,” so potent it is sipped from a cup the size of a thimble. and learn how to incorporate the meditative art of haute-grinding into your own life, and the empowerment derived from gathering kindling to start a fire to heat water. Evangeline values “things in their purest form,” so she wears men’s glasses she found in her driveway and she still hasn’t gotten around to replacing a missing tooth. She is herself in her purest form:“When I walk into a room, I want people to wonder if I’m famous or homeless.”

Mary Grill is the mastermind behind Evangeline Falcoon.

Coffee Liaisonné


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