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slopthe podcast

spiritually living outside preconceptions

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slop: the podcast is hosted by Skipper Parvo, the socialite-turned-founder//CEO of the aspirational wellness brand slop. Single mother to Navy Sebastian (whom she co-parents with her nanny Quotatia, a previously homeless woman Skipper rescued from Skid Row), this Modern Woman and self-proclaimed “life junkie” wears many (couture, ethically-crafted) hats: Yogi, self-trained chef, kombucha-brewer, religion-dabbler, CBD aficionado, Pacific Palisades royalty (don’t even ask her how many Emmys her dad won, she lost count), OG influencer… And now, podcaster.


When Skipper wasn’t getting the answers to the life questions she was looking for, she created slop to give her the answers she wanted about radical wellness, mental + bodily health, eco-conscious fashion, nourishment, spiritual wholeness, holistic medicine and orgasm equality. And because she’s as generous as she is curious, instead of keeping those answers to herself, Skipper opted to share her unique access to the world’s best doctors, founders, authors, entrepreneurs, life coaches and shamans, and bring her fans along for the ride on her journey to spiritually living outside preconceptions.


When’s she’s not staving off autoimmune diseases by boiling the lectins off her locally sourced quinoa or storing crystals in her vaginal cavity to reset her hormones, you can find Skipper rehearsing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with her Olympian coach, or having cupping performed on her back by her personal in-house acupuncturist/astrologer. She’s not afraid to try microdosing LSD or bee sting therapy in pursuit of finding meaning in her present incarnation… And she’s documenting it all on slop: the podcast.


slop: the podcast is the brainchild of Annie Cavalero + Tony Cavalero. They are comedians, not doctors or healers. All claims made on slop: the podcast are for entertainment purposes only, even if and regardless of whether it features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. slop is not, nor are intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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